Software development process

With extensive software development experience, SmartOutsourcing has refined the software development methodology, based on best practice models and lessons learnt. The development methodology, as everything else is open to change and further improvement. A brief overview of our development process:

The development methodology


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Software process

Inception of a project occurs when a prospective customer contacts SmartOutsourcing recieves regarding a development project. Depending on the nature of the project a differring development approach may be used. However, all projects go through the four phases outlined.

The initial stage of a project lays the groundwork for the rest of the project, and plays a critical role in the success of a project. The main purpose of this phase is to set the framework, and constraints of the project, and involves:

  • Identifying key goals, objectives and priorities
  • Risk assessment
  • Determine success criteria
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Resource requirement estimates
  • Initial project plan, schedule, and milestones
  • Low fidelity prototyping

Elaboration (analysis)

Following the inception, the project requirements and analysis is refined. A significant outcome of this phase is the requirements definition document. The requirements definition document is signed off by the customer in acceptance that the document fully reflects the expectations of the project.

The key activities in the elaboration phase are:

  • Elaboration of requirements
  • Architecture selection
  • Functional analysis (scenarios, use cases etc.)
  • Risk analysis
  • Sign-off on development specifications

Construction (design)

The primary output of the construction phase is a the completion of the coding of the project. Construction involves both design and implementation in different sub-phases. 
The primary aim of work done prior to implementation is to ensue that the time spent on implementation is minimal. Implementation ideally is only be the production of quality code to meet previously stated requirements.

Consutction includes the design, implementation, and testing of:

  • Object models
  • Dynamic models
  • System design
  • Object design
  • Implementation
  • Testing


The transformation phase commences when the solution is ready for deployment in the customer organisation. The major activities performed during tranformation link to the user acceptance of the solution, and support for the organisational change management required to complete a successful project.

  • Installation
  • Finding acceptance catalyst/champion
  • User instructions and training
  • Support

Designing Scalable Software Products

When you bought your computer and turned it on, more than likely Windows came up. That is of course, unless you’re running a Mac. Regardless, what you saw was the product of scalable software. Scalable software refers to programs that are written with the intent to grow and evolve over the course of time.

Scalable soft designs

Good scalable software designs are generally scalable for audiences of one to hundreds of users. Take for example the Windows OS. Originally, it was clunky. It would work even in VGA 16 color mode. Many of the classic software applications back then still exist today in the same format. But as a whole, the scalable design of windows allowed to progress along with the evolution of hardware and technological improvements.

Now well past its tenth software incarnation, Microsoft and Apple have both demonstrated a clear mastery of scalable software projects. Both now have scalable features including nearly automatic configuration and learning machine sytems  of home networks, support multiple profile accounts, they even are customizable during the software installation phase to be scalable either forwards or backwards of the average users needs.

Software developers

A good developer can take a page out of the software history book on how to make scalable projects. First, have a broad tier strategy to address not only the current situation and needs, but also leave leg room to grow and be scalable. As your software user base increases, if you were making a simple instant chat client, scalable additions like private rooms and differing worldwide network servers would help facilitate further growth.

Software that isn’t scalable gets left behind as obsolete fairly rapidly. New operating systems come along, and new software comes in to crush the older ancestorsand parents.  Evidence of what happens when software and protocols are not scalable enough can be seen by taking a look at token ring vs ethernet networking. One is so virtually dead in the modern market; the other one is socketed in the side or back of every laptop and desktop that you find in stores.

After developing a broad scalable strategy, you need to take certain care to modularize code. Highly modularized code allows is more scalable. If all the sudden the current version of *vga becomes obsolete, rather than pouring through an old and highly obfuscated software project, you go straight to the module responsible for graphics handling, update it, and re-release your scalable software project back out into the wind.

Another aspect of scalable software design involves utilizing techniques to add additional throughput. This often means that data has to be stored in unique and efficient ways, instead of easy and inefficient ways. Everything must start off extremely optimized, because in order to be rapidly scalable, you will have to make your software work significantly more efficiently so that it can work harder on hardware equipment that has not had the necessary time to evolve and offset data access and sort times.

Sostware maintenance

Scalable software designs also require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, they require adjustments to the existing scale whenever there are large upward or downward surges in user demand. Simply because the software still functions does not allow the developer to abandon the project. Scalable banking or legal software designs need updates just as frequently as non-scalable projects.

The more demand you can carry and gather for your software, the more money you can make. Through scalable profit that businesses thrive and survive to make more future software releases. By exploring the various techniques and attributes required to make scalable software, developers can attain the lofty goal of any software project should be to maximize usability through deploying valuable features to get as many users using the software as possible.

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SmartOutsourcing is a software development company in Novi Sad, Serbia (Europe). The company offers IT product co-creation, outsourcing, offshore software development and web-enablement of Applications. We are experienced in developing SEO applications for a number of industries: e-commerce, retail and telecom.

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Partners for software development


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Offshore software development

Given our comprehensive experience in software engineering and project management, our company can be relied upon to deliver partial or full life-cycle babys  projects on time and within budget.

By offshoring a portion of their development needs to us, our customers gain a flexible and cost-effective resource enabling them to increase product ranges, decrease time to market, and significantly lower development costs. SmartOutsourcing provides software development nerar shore, offshore offshoring services encompassing the full software application life-cycle.

  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Architecture Design.
  • Project planning, risk assessment and release negotiation.
  • Development.
  • Quality assurance (QA) and testing.
  • Maintenance and technical support.
  • Product enhancement and service release management.

Core Technical Skills

SmartOutsourcing is a custom development specialist. We specialize in the software development process, and have the ability to create total and integrated solutions for our customers. Our main strengths are our project management methodology, software development methodology and technical skills.

This means that no matter what technical specifications an outsourcing project has, we can give you the right people at the right price, and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Smart Outsourcing has significant development experience with the following technologies, and more:

  • Programming Languages (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, AJAX)
  • Database systems (SQLserver, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • Technologies (Library and Framework development, Component Development, Software analysis and design, Web design and development)